Ecology and reclamation

It is the duty of every miner to recultivate the used space after mining and return it to nature and society for further use. Reclamation can be carried out purely technically, eg by reforestation or flooding. However, reclamation through natural succession is increasingly used, which will enable the creation of new interesting natural habitats, and from the point of view of the environment, this reclamation is the most interesting. Furthermore, with the help of reclamation it is possible to enable the creation of new natural forest parks or natural lakes and swimming pools.

We use state-of-the-art computer methods of landscape modeling to create studies, on the basis of which we plan the next mining process.

Immediately after the end of mining activities, we recultivate the areas affected by mining so that they integrate into the surrounding nature as soon as possible.

We create financial reserves for these reclamations every year, which are kept in a special account. In many cases, the excavated areas create new biocentres in the life of valuable species or are used for recreational purposes.

We propose several interesting variants of dealing with the consequences of mining activities in mining localities, which are then better prepared for their next task in nature.