Service KaP

Our service centers complement our main focus, stone mining and crushed aggregate production, with other activities that expand our portfolio of services and serve our clients and business partners to meet their needs. These service centers include:

Machine repair shops

Forwarding center (spedition), which provides transport to customers

Company Laboratory with professional competence

TennisCenter with tennis hall, outdoor sports fields, guest house and restaurant

Machine shops KAP

The central workshop, whose main task is repairs of machinery, serves for the technical support of the establishments. Its large capacity allows it to perform repair, locksmith, welding and electrical work for other entities.

The background of the workshop hall in Český Krumlov with machinery, newly supplemented by a cutting machine for shaped sheet metal up to a thickness of 100 mm, equipped electrical workshops, a number of mobile devices and, last but not least, a team of experienced and qualified workers all serve for quality work. The mobile equipment on offer also includes two cranes (AD28 and DS101) and an assembly work platform with a reach of 27 meters.


Tovární ul., Domoradice
381 01 Český Krumlov
Vedoucí: Ing. Jaroslav Červ

tel.: +420 602 153 306

Spedition KaP

A separate KaP Forwarding center (spedition) was established to provide complete services to our customers.

Thanks to our forwarding center, we are able to ensure the delivery of aggregates to their destination within a single phone call from our customer.

Thanks to market knowledge and the possibility of transport optimization, we are able to minimize the costs of transporting aggregates to our customers.


Spedice KaP
Linecká 277
381 01 Český Krumlov
Manager: Libor Šesták

tel.: +420 380 702 127
mobil: +420 602 369 670

Company laboratory

We produce a wide range of crushed aggregates of excellent quality and technical parameters. We have been achieving lasting quality for a long time, which testifies to the tradition and experience with this production, moreover combined with new technologies and the experience of quality workers. This is confirmed by the fact that our products are built into most large buildings in the South Bohemian Region.

All our products are properly certified according to newly introduced European standards. Our customers can thus supply their products, especially prefabricated products, to foreign markets.

We consistently achieve high levels of products thanks to the established quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 within the company, since 1998. The mentioned control system represents not only regular certification and supervision of accredited laboratories and certification body, but also a demanding system of regular self-inspection in the company laboratory.

To improve and maintain the level of quality, we work closely with the most experienced experts in the field, other laboratories, and customers.


Plešovice Quarry
Manager: Ing. Roman Došek

tel.: +420 602 144 803


Not far from the tower of Český Krumlov Castle you will find everything you need for a holiday in South Bohemia. Good food from quality home-grown ingredients, the comfort of a guest house with a swimming pool, the perfect background for a game of tennis, and wine from the castle wine cellar.

4 outdoor clay courts (2 of them with lights)

3 indoor courts with artificial surface (carpet)

1 training wall (clay mini yard)

1 outdoor multipurpose court (tennis, basketball, fitness)

The ideal facilities for corporate teambuilding stays, tournament organization, or sports camps.


Chvalšinská 247
381 01 Český Krumlov
Manager: Jiří Kutlák

tel.: +420 602 133 355
mobil: +420 606 066 466

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