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It supplies the area of České Budějovice and the surrounding area

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Grain size Product Norm
PDK 0/4 PTK ČSN EN 12620+A1
PDK 0/4 PDK ČSN EN 13242+A1
PDK 2/4 PDK ČSN EN 13043
PDK 4/8 PDK ČSN EN 12620+A1, ČSN EN 13043
PDK 5/8 BV PDK ČSN EN 12620+A1
PDK 8/16 Kačírek ČSN EN 12620+A1, ČSN EN 13242+A1
PDK 8/16 PDK ČSN EN 12620+A1, ČSN EN 13043
PDK 16/32 Kačírek ČSN EN 12620+A1, ČSN EN 13242+A1
PDK 16/32 PDK ČSN EN 12620+A1, ČSN EN 13043
PDK 32/63 PDK ČSN EN 13242+A1
PDK 0/32 PDK (ŠDA) ČSN EN 13242+A1, (ČSN EN 13285)
PDK 0/63 PDK (ŠDA) ČSN EN 13242+A1, (ČSN EN 13285)
PDK 0/16 PDK ČSN EN 13242+A1
Omílaný valoun 32/63 Omílaný valoun zák.č.102/2001 Sb.


We produce crushed aggregate and quarry stone for all uses in construction. The individual aggregate are duly certified and regularly tested according to European aggregate standards and other technological standards according to the specific use.


Distribution of aggregate according to grain size, which is obtained by sieving through a system of sieves. The grain size indicates the range of mesh sizes of the lower and upper sieves in millimeters. The larger the number, the larger the aggregate. Ex .: PDK 4/8 - natural crushed aggregate with a grain size of 4-8 mm.


  • PDK: Natural crushed aggregate

  • PTK: Natural mined aggregates

  • MZK: mechanically reinforced aggregate

  • ŠD: gravel

  • G-F: gravel with a mixture of fine-grained soil

  • GP: badly grained gravel

  • S-F: sand with a mixture of fine-grained soil

  • Loose aggregate - loose aggregate formed by the disruption (mining) of rock

Products covered by Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 305/2011 are issued with a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

For products covered by Government Decree No. 163/2002 Coll. the Declaration of Conformity is issued as amended.

For other products, the Manufacturer's Declaration is issued according to Act No. 102/2001 Coll. on general product safety, as amended.

CAUTION! When transporting bulk substrates, the load must be secured to prevent its spontanneous release. (see Act 361/2000 Coll. on traffic on roads).

Overview of valid aggregate standards:

  • ČSN EN 12620: Aggregates for concrete

  • ČSN EN 13043: Aggregates for asphalt mixtures and surface layers of roads, airports and other traffic areas

  • ČSN EN 13242: Aggregates unbound, and bound with hydraulic binder for civil engineering works and roads

  • ČSN EN 13450: Aggregates for railway beds

  • ČSN EN 13285: Unbound mixtures

  • ČSN 73 6133: Design and implementation of a road substructure subbase

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