Implementation of the project from the Energy Saving Program IV

4. 11. 2019
Implementation of the project from the Energy Saving Program IV

Project title: Replacement of machinery of the company Kámen a písek, limited liability company

Project registration number: CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/18_183/0017056

Project description: The project is implemented within the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness. The aim of the project is to streamline production with a lower environmental footprint and significant energy savings. Existing technologies with relatively high fuel consumption are expected to be replaced. The subject of the submitted project is the replacement of the company's machinery. After the implementation of the project, the final energy consumption during production activities will be reduced - there will also be a significant reduction in energy intensity - CO2 reduction, energy savings in the production process, savings on repair costs, improvement of the working environment and overall company development. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

Cat 352 excavator for Ševětín quarry

The brand new Cat 352 excavator from Zeppelin CZ started its service in the Ševětín quarry.

The quarry in Ševětín near České Budějovice supplies aggregates to all buildings in the wider area, including the completed sections of the D3 motorway. The local quarry of Kámen a písek, ltd. is characterized by extremely high quality aggregates suitable for various applications, it can also be used as railway gravel for railway superstructures. Up to 12,000 tons of stone leave daily. Such a portion already requires proper reliable and powerful technology.

American Caterpillar machines have a good reputation here, and Cat excavators are successfully seconded to large loaders. Some time ago there was a change of machinery when the new machines of the Cat 972M series arrived, now it is time for the quarry excavator. And of course the choice fell on the Cat again.

Zeppelin CZ delivered one of the first new-generation Cat 352 machines to the Czech Republic in Ševětín. The novelty brings another shift in technology and technology, all while maintaining the reliability typical of the Cat brand. At first glance, this is the excavator we know. The massive yellow machine immediately impresses with its size, the typical color with a black cab then clearly refers the excavator to the Cat family of machines. The new Cat logos with a stylized red hexagon stand out on the still new shining paint.

Even if we overlook all this, there is one more thing that is completely typical of new machines, and that is their sound. Or rather - its absence. The excavator's engine runs smoothly and quietly, so the machine's warming-up doesn't interrupt your conversation at all. The heart of the excavator is the Cat C13 engine with 425 horsepower, which provides enough power for hard work in the quarry. After all, with a weight exceeding fifty tons, it is not a crumb that would frighten hard work. However, this does not mean that the economics of operation and the environment are not taken into account. Compared to its predecessor, the machine will offer 10% lower fuel consumption, while maintenance costs will be reduced by as much as 15%. The stability of the excavator is provided by a sturdy chassis with a width in the unfolded state of 3.5 meters.

The new generation of Cat excavators boasts above-standard equipment. New technologies are part of every new generation's machine, and of course the Cat 352 is no exception. The modern, richly glazed cab, which of course still maintains Cat's high safety standards and which can support the entire weight of the machine in the event of a rollover, features a superb ergonomically arranged control system, machine settings and basic data overview. There are a number of systems.

For example, Cat Payload monitors the weight of the material being loaded. Thanks to this, the engineer always has an overview of how much stone he can still load so that the truck is not overloaded.

E-Fence prevents the excavator from moving outside the points defined by the operator. This helps protect the machine and objects around it from damage.

Cat Product Link provides wireless transmission of information and data available through the VisionLink® online interface. This allows fleet managers in the office to quickly evaluate important operational information.

Innovations can be found elsewhere. Smart Mode automatically adjusts engine and hydraulic power to the job, reduces fuel consumption and optimizes performance. Engine speed automatically decreases as hydraulic demand decreases, further reducing fuel consumption.

And there are other systems and innovations, a list of systems and technologies would put up a good book. All of this, however, serves a single purpose - to do the job more efficiently. The manufacturer promises to increase the efficiency of the machine by up to 45%. A more efficient machine means less downtime, more work done and better working conditions for the machine operator.

The quarry in Ševětín thus acquired a new valuable tool, thanks to which they are able to cope with the constantly growing demand for raw stone.