The construction of the bypass of České Budějovice was initiated and we were there as well as

Management of Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o. on Friday have participated in a symbolic tap on the stone, by which was officially started construction of a new motorway section between Hodějovice and Třebonín. This section will be built by the Italian – Slovak associations of companies  Salini Impregilo and Doprastav, a.s. We have supplied this foundation stone from our Plešovice quarry and we hope that the next aggregate for its own construction will follow. Oveall is needed 1 million tonnes of aggregate for this section.

Together with the section between Úsilný and Hodějovice, which will start around mid-April this year, this construction will create the bypass of České Budějovice. It will be completed in year 2022, and the transit traffic will then avoid the County seat. The bypass of České Budějovice will measure 20 kilometers. The construction of the Hodějovice – Třebonín section will include the construction of 17 bridges and three flyover intersections.


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