TERMINAL České Budějovice – Distribution Warehouse

sklad TERMINAL ČB – It is a distribution warehouse, located on Okružní street in České Budějovice, where you can find a wide range of aggregates for your structures in or around České Budějovice. This step helps to improve our services provided to our customers. We can now supply your construction sites with aggregates in a faster and more flexible way, resulting in lower cost of transportation.

You don´t have to drive up to the quarry any longer!!! Save your time and make your building faster and cheaper !!!


Okružní street, north periphery of České Budějovice, the complex of the former Mane concrete mixing plant, entrance between factory sidings next to the Belis factory, formerly Sfinx, GPS coordinates, Loc: 48°59’7.824″N, 14°30’23.018″E.

Business hours:
Mon-Fri 07:00 to 15:15 and according to your needs in case of bigger contracts.

Libor Šesták – Head of distribution warehouse, tel: 602 369 670, e-mail: spedice@kamen-ck.cz

Traffic possibilities:
By road trucks – especially advantageous to České Budějovice region.

Product line:
Complete product line of crushed gravel aggregate, concreting sand, white decorative aggregate, solitary stone, stone chops for pavements.

Compacted asphalt layers, grinding layers, bed layers, supporting layers, poured asphalt, gravel aggregate bonded by hydraulic cement, unagglutinated layers, penetrated layers, pressed layers, sprays and paints, emulsion sludge layers, winter road gritting, iron concrete, pre-tensioned concrete, cement-concrete road covers.



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