Team – the vision and objectives

OUR VISION AND OBJECTIVES can be summarized into six categories:

We are the company with a strong orientation towards the customers. We monitor and fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers. Our products conform to our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We modernize our production lines and we regularly maintain our production equipment in perfect technological state. We constantly lower the production cost. Our products conform to technical requirements of the standards and regulations.

A highly qualified and satisfied employee is the greatest wealth of the company. We educate our employees towards the pride for the company they are employed with, and towards the pride for the products, they manufacture. We create the social securities for every single employee of ours.

We strive towards having only the reliable and highly qualified suppliers. We regularly evaluate our suppliers and we cooperate very closely with them.

We respect the environment in which we live and conduct our activities. We improve our working conditions in all company departments. We cooperate with the neighboring municipalities and help them significantly. We maintain our environment and surroundings in conformity with regulations and citizens’ requirements.
We strive for efficient use of energy resources and reducing energy intensity of all implemented processes; in line with this commitment, we support the purchase of energy efficient products and services.
Permanently observe applicable legal requirements in the area of environmental and energy management

Knowledge of our expertise, willingness to work, eagerness to educate ourselves, ability to adapt to the ever-increasing demands – that is the profile of our company management. They are people who are at the right place at the right time. They are people who know how to differentiate between the priority issues and the redundant issues.
The managers do not only manage and organize; they also take care of the satisfaction of their subordinates as to maintain the pleasant mood within the work team in order to reach the objective in a much easier way – the objective of meeting the customers’ needs and demands.

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