Press release: New purpose road “North connection – bypass of Ševětín township”


Investor of the construction:

Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o., seated at Českém Krumlově.

The company’s scope of business: Mining and processing of construction stones, an owner of 10 stone quarries in the South Bohemian Region, one point of sale in Č. Budějovice, 2.5 mio tons of aggregate per year is mined, all aggregate is delivered for constructions in the South Bohemian Region. Quarry Ševětín is an important source of aggregate for all construction projects in the areas of České Budějovice, Třeboň and Veselí/Luž. The company is also a supplier for all construction works of motorway D3, including the bypass of České Budějovice and the railway corridor Č. Budějovice – Soběslav.

Name of construction: “North connection – bypass of Ševětín township”

General contractor: Swietelsky stavební s.r.o.

On its own initiative and its own costs, the investor decided to build a purpose local road to lead all lorry transportation from the store quarry to an open terrain, away from the built-up area of the township of Ševětín, which will contribute to improvement of the environment and living conditions of the local inhabitants. Emissions of noise and dust from lorry transport will be reduced to a considerable extent.

This project was developed on the basis of long-term negotiations and constructive cooperation between the mining company and the township management, by gradually implementing a solution of adverse impacts of mining, i.e. transportation in particular.

Technical specifications of the construction:

The work that had to be carried out to obtain the permit started in 2017, meaning that it took two years of preparatory and design work and permit proceedings. The construction began in December 2018 and the road was completed in November 2019. In total, as many as 32,000 tons of aggregate and 2,600 tons of asphalt were used. The road is 900m long, 6m wide and the total price of this phase amounts to CZK 16,000,000.

This is the last section of the solution that was to deal with transportation connected with the stone quarry. The first phase of the road was developed as early as 2016; it is 1,100m long, 6m wide, and the total price stood at CZK 7,300,000. The total price for both phases thus amounts to CZK 23,300,000.

The first plan to build a bypass of Ševětín was conceived in 2008, then the settlement of the required lands followed and planning documentation was modified on a continuous basis. The overall solution was to include the planned construction of railway corridor IV between Ševětín and Nemanice (construction of a road overbridge in Ševětín) by which the transportation from the quarry was to lead. Since this construction has been repeatedly postponed, the company’s management decided to build the entire road at the company’s costs, using the current railway crossing instead of the planned overbridge as a temporary solution until the above-specified railway structure is built.


Ing. Pavel Fučík, Managing Director, Executive Director of Kámen a písek, spol. s, r.o. Český Krumlov




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