Quarry: Ševětín


15 km north of ‘České Budějovice’ – map.
GPS, Loc: 49°5’36.505″N, 14°34’2.599″E

Transportation Options:
Road trucks.

Raw Material:
Granodiorite of white-gray color, even grain size.

Annual Production Capacity:
500 thousand tons.

Stone Quarry Technological Equipment:
Three levels of crushing: Svedala Jawmaster (1,200 x 800), soil remover, 1 x Svedala H4800, 1 x Svedala H3800, automatic mixing equipment for gravel according to the designated grain size distribution curve (MHG), fully automated production technology line.

Product Line:
Complete product line of crushed gravel aggregate and quarry run stone.

Compacted asphalt layers, grinding layers, bed layers, supporting layers, poured asphalt, gravel aggregate bonded by hydraulic cement, unagglutinated layers, penetrated layers, pressed layers, sprays and paints, emulsion sludge layers, winter road gritting, iron concrete, pre-tensioned concrete, cement-concrete road covers.

Railroad track ballasts. ČD Certificate for fractions 32/63 (B I) and 0/32 (kv).

Quarry run stone, construction stone for foundation walls, bridge pillars, supporting and retaining walls, coast supporting stone, gabion wall stone.