Landscape Recultivation

We understand the natural environment protection as our integral part of the management process within all levels of the production, beginning with the mining planning, and ending with the eradication of the mining consequences within the landscape. We use the most up-to-date computer methods of landscape modeling to create our studies. Based on these studies, we plan a further process of mining.

We reclaim the mining surfaces immediately after finishing the mining activities as to integrate them back into the natural environment.

Landscape ReclamationThese landscape reclamations are covered by our own annual financial reserves, which are administered by a special account. In many cases, the exploited areas are redesigned to serve as the new natural bio-centers supporting the life of valuable biological species, or as the recreational areas.

We design several interesting varieties of eradicating the consequences of mining activity. The exploited areas are then ready to serve its further mission in the natural environment.

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