Competition The best producer of building materials of the year 2009

Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o., company from Český Krumlov won in the competition The best producer of building materials of the year 2009

Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o., the most important producer of the crushed aggregate in the South Bohemia achieved a great success and national-wide popularity, as it succeeded to win in the competition for the title the Best Producer of Building Materials in the category up to 150 employees. The jury has chosen three companies without stating the sequence. Together with the company from Český Krumlov, Diton a Stomix have won. Among the criteria of evaluation were economic indicators and especially introducing the innovative production procedures and processes and investing into the modern technologies. Kámen a písek presented the optical classification of the white aggregate in Krty quarry, production of mixed aggregate (mixture of the mined and crushed aggregate of 0/4 mm) into the concrete and the production of the mechanically solidified aggregate MZK 0/32 mm. All these innovating procedures serve for launching new products into the market and the economic usage of the deposits of building stone.

The finales – hand-over of award took place on Sept. 30., 2009 in the Senate of the Czech Republic in Prague at the occasion of the Days of Civil Engineering and Architecture from the hands of the Chairman of the Senate PČR Přemysl Sobotka, D.M. and president of the Association of Building Entrepreneurs Ing. Václav Matyáš.

The competition is performed under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Association of Buildings Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic. In this year, the second year of the competition took place. Leading producer of the constructional materials take part in the competition, be they producers of aggregate, cement, bricks, walled system, concrete products, prefabricated parts, plasters, insulation systems, facade colours, producers of facing and other building materials. The competition is organised in two categories, enterprises up to 150 employees and enterprises over 150 employees. In the first stage, 10 best companies were nominated into the closer nomination and moreover three winning companies were chosen without stating the sequence.