Company laboratory – guarantee of quality

CertifikatWe manufacture a wide range of crushed gravel aggregate that has an excellent quality and technical parameters. We maintain a long-term quality that proves our tradition and expertise in this type of production. Our quality is connected to new technologies and to specific knowledge of our highly qualified employees. Our products are used for the largest building structures in the South-Bohemian region, and that is a proof of our aforementioned tradition and quality.

All our products are properly certified according to newly established European standards. Therefore, our customers can export their products to the foreign markets as well, primarily the prefabricated components.

In 1998, we implemented the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management System in our company, in virtue of which we meet the long-term high-quality standards of our products. The mentioned management system does not only represent the regular certification and supervision of accredited laboratories and certification bodies, but also the demanding system of our own regular inspections within the company laboratory.

In order to improve and maintain the level of quality, we closely cooperate with the best professionals in the field, with the other laboratories, and with the other customers.

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New European Standards for Gravel Aggregate:

ČSN EN 12620
Gravel Aggregate for Concrete

ČSN EN 13043
Gravel Aggregate for Asphalt Mixtures and Surface Layers of Roads, Airport Traffic Areas, and Other Traffic Areas

ČSN EN 13424
Unagglutinated Gravel Aggregate and Gravel Aggregate Agglutinated by Hydraulic Cements for Civil Engineering Structures and Roads

ČSN EN 13450
Gravel Aggregate for Railroad Track Ballasts

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