Best producer of building materials 2018 – Special prize of the jury for Kámen a písek !!!

The competition “The Best Producer of Building Materials” was held for the twelfth time this year. The competition is organized for all producers of building materials who operate in the Czech Republic. The two competition categories were: companies employing no more than 300 workers and companies that employ more than 300 workers. The celebratory meeting of companies with the award of prizes to the nominated firms was hosted in the beautiful and dignified environment of the Benedictine Emmaus Monastery in Prague on 25 September 2019. The plants and establishments operating in building material industry enrolled in the competition were assessed by the jury of experts, mainly based on the criteria of quality, economic success, strong market position, energy performance of production, improvement of the environment and waste management solutions, introduction of quality management systems, investments in production facilities in the preceding three years, the level of productivity achieved and employment. The following firms were declared the best producers of building materials in 2018:

  • category of companies with up to 300 employees: HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s.
  • category of companies with more than 300 employees: P-D Refractories CZ, a.s.

  The ceremonious nomination afternoon saw the award of other prizes as well, and the “Special Prize of the Jury” was given to Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o., seated at Český Krumlov.  The jury explained its decision as follows:  The company is a traditional as well as the largest producer of crushed aggregates in the South Bohemian Region, ranking among the 5 largest producers of aggregates in the Czech Republic. The company is an exemplary representative of mining industry for building materials. Thanks to its operability and customer focus, the company is able to respond to irregular requirements of the market, especially as regards important infrastructure constructions. Last year, the company sold 2.5 million tons of aggregates, out of which 600 thousand from quarry Ševětín was produced and delivered for the construction of motorway D3 from Veselín nad Lužnicí all to way to České Budějovice. As an example worth following, we can mention the currently developed bypass around the township of Ševětín costing CZK 18 million, which will lead all traffic from the quarry away from the urban area of the little town and the road will then be transferred to the South Bohemian road network for no consideration. The company’s motto: The customer must be confident that the company will meet all his/her requirements – both for quality and quantity – without reservations.  The prize was given to Ing. Pavel Fučík, Managing Director and Executive Director by Pavel Malinský. Other special prizes were bestowed on companies BAUMIT, LAUFEN CZ, SEMMELROCK STEIN+DESIGN. Company Kámen a písek considers this award as another token of appreciation of its many-year reliable and innovative work and as confirmation of the right path leading to a position of a socially responsible company.

Nejlepší výrobce stavebnin 2018_Certifikát_Zvláštní cena poroty_

Regional country president Mrs. Stráská presented the award to the most socially responsible companies of the South Bohemian Region and the company Kámen a písek is among them

A total of 32 companies entered the competition of the Region of South Bohemia for Social Responsibility. Companies, non-profit organizations and municipalities carrying out voluntary and additional activities last year could enter this competition. The aim of the award is to raise the profile of good and positive practice.
The announcement of the competition took place on May 28, 2019 in the Hall of the Assembly of the South Bohemian Region in České Budějovice. In addition to the valuable prizes, all participants received both the Honorable Mention.
Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o. is in second place together with company Mondi Bupak in the Medium Organization category with 250 or less employees, whose main aktivity is business.
The award received The production and technical director Ing. Otakar Veselý, who represented the company in this competition.

Companies that received awards:
Small organizations with 50 or less employees whose main activity is business

    2. Český ostrovní dům – projekt Český soběstačný dům
    3. INPRESS

    Medium organizations with 250 or less employees whose main activity is business

  2. Technické služby Tábor
    2. Kámen a písek together with company Mondi Bupak
    3. TKP geo

    Large organizations with over 250 employees whose main activity is business

  3. Robert Bosch
    2. EATON Elektrotechnika
    3. ENGEL strojírenská

    Public sector organizations, non-profit organizations and organizations whose main activity is not doing business with less than 50 employees

  4. THEIA – krizové centrum
    2. Czechitas
    3. Attavena a Regionální agrární komora Jihočeského kraje

    Public sector organizations, public benefit organizations and organizations whose main activity is not doing business with more than 50 employees

  5. Pomoc Týn nad Vltavou

Public sector organizations, public benefit organizations and organizations whose main activity is not business – community

  1. Municipality of Boršov nad Vltavou


Hejtmanka Stráská předání ocenění_1 Hejtmanka Stráská předání ocenění_2 Hejtmanka Stráská předání ocenění_3

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Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 – another award for Kámen a písek

The evening ceremony announcing the winner of the regional round of Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 and Česká spořitelna Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 was held on 05 October 2016 in the Clarion Hotel in České Budějovice; company Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o. enjoyed great success, having come in the impressive third position.
The company was presented before the numerous audience by Ing. Pavel Fučík, Executive Diretor, and Ing. Otakar Veselý, Production and Technical Director, who personally accepted the certificate of the third position.
This year marked the eleventh year of these business contents, enrolled for by our company Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o. with much enthusiasm. The first good news was that we were shortlisted for the finals of the regional round. As a matter of fact, this contest ranks among the largest business competitions in this country with its regional scope and general focus spanning over all industries. Known for maximum objectivity of assessment, the competition brings with it an utterly unique comparison of participants both in the individual regions and the Czech Republic as such.
The nominated companies make their presentation before a professional jury. The decisive factors include abilities of the presenting companies, their orientation in the competitive environment, the level of ambitiousness of their business plans and the extent of the contribution to the development of the communities where these companies operate. The assessment consists in both the companies’ economic performance and their business stories.
The first place was taken by Kovostroj Bohemia, s.r.o., based at Týn nad Vltavou, which is engaged in the production of steel reinforcing profiles for plastic windows. The second came DITA, a production cooperative of invalids from Tábor, which produces and processes textile, clothes and leather.

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A part of Days of building and architecture 2013 was traditionally the ceremonial meeting of representants of building companies, government and state administration in the Senate of Parliament CR. It took place on 10th of October 2013 in the Great hall of Wallenstein Palace, under the auspice of Chairman of the Senate Milan Štěch. During the afternoon the prices were awarded to: The best Building material producer of 2012, Building company of 2012, The award of the public and the titles Building of the year 2013 and Personality of Building industry. The prices were received by representants of authors and realizers of exceptional projects.

The company Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o. achieved a significant success among the producers of building materials when it won in the category up to 200 employees and became


Allow me to thank all employees, thanks to their diligence, effort, and loyalty to the company we could achieve this success, which we can be rightfully proud of. Further, our thanks belong to all our customers, who even in the times difficult for building industry remain faithful to our products and services which we constantly improve and upgrade.

Pavel Fučík – Managing Director

Results of the Best building material producer competition:

Category up to 200 employees without the order given: DITON s. r. o., Kámen a písek, spol. s r.o., Lafarge Cement, a.s.
Category over to 200 employees without the order given: HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s., LB Cemix, s.r.o., Wienerberger cihlářský průmysl, a.s.