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KÁMEN A PÍSEK is a company engaged in the extraction and processing of stone. We are traditional and the largest producer of crushed stone in the South Bohemian Region. Our production is around 2 Mio. tons per year.


Our quarries are found all over South Bohemia

We currently operate throughout South Bohemia nine quarries – Plešovice, Ševětín, Kobylí hora, Krty, Zrcadlová Huť, Písek, Rejta, Bor and Štiptoň. We also have an environmental program. After completion of mining activities we rehabilitate areas affected by mining.


Products and Services: From stone to a machine workshop and forwarding

We produce different stone fractions for various uses. KaP Forwarding transports stone to an appointed destination for example from our store in Č. Budějovice. The Central Machine Shop performs maintenance of our equipment. Its large capacity enables provision of the


Our sports complex, pension and restaurant in the Cesky Krumlov


Concrete for your construction


Sports tennis club

We are members of the following associations:

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